I made Punjab Choley

Punjab choley made by Matt RougeMmm… doesn’t that look appetizing?

Having grown dependent on Trader Joe’s Punjab Choley for home enjoyment of this dish, I took the choley challenge. Soaked a bunch of chickpeas overnight, tossed them into the slow cooker with tomatoes, a ton of ginger, a megaton of spices, and cooked it all for about 12 hours. You can find recipes online (hey, did you think think this is a cooking blog? I don’t know why I’m posting this either). This is low-fat (I skimmed the oil), and because I didn’t use butter, it’s vegan, too.

To repeat, I have no idea why I put these cooking posts up, but somehow it feels right, you know?


I wrote a new post about Punjab choley, complete with recipe.

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