In honor of Amy

To see you make your bags is to understand your insight into the ways things work and your approach to the world. The final turning inside out to produce a thing of practical beauty. Everyone sees the style and knows that you know something they don’t.

You studied the methods of the engineer; you are an engineer. You used CAD; you will use it again. You have peered into the machine and conquered it on more than one occasion, as when you fixed the garbage disposal recently (prosaic? admirable!).

I don’t take such wisdom for granted, nor your love. I see how you care for your children, encouraging and managing but never fettering. You’ve done a good job; they’re doing well. You’ve stood up for me and beside me when I wasn’t doing so well. Many, many times.

The world has not always given you what you deserved; I alone perhaps cannot pay the debt it owes you, but I have tried to prove that an understanding and appreciation of you is possible to a high degree. Your spirit shines, and your ambition, if I may influence the outcome sufficiently, will be rewarded. I will not forget all that you have given me; may you never forget the depth and goodness and greatness in you that have made such gifts possible!

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