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Sick baby update for February 22, 2009

Sorry I have not written in a great while! I have been swamped with writing work, and my life has been going through such rapid changes that the moment I feel like writing about them something new is happening. Things are good, however, and I hope now to settle into a rhythm and start posting again on a frequent basis.

I have news about our baby born with a birth defect of the liver. He has been back in the hospital for the past week or so. His dad is back in Japan, and so his mother has been staying with him. I was rather upset that I was not called by the hospital to interpret for them this time, as was the mom, who, after someone else showed up, specifically told the hospital that she wanted to use me. Oh well. In any case, our infant friend is doing okay but perhaps has had hepatitis of some sort. As I have not been interpreting for them, I have not heard the facts directly from the doctors, but it seems that the Kasai surgery that was performed is still working. That’s good news. I would request that you continue to keep this child and his family in your prayers.

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