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I have had four plays performed in community theater in New York City. Tom Nondorf directed all four and cowrote two. I was able to attend performances of Naked and Hospitalization (for the latter, two friends and I drove all night to New York through a blizzard; it was quite a feat!). I have video of all four performances. All are available for performance by amateur and professional theater groups.

The following are true of all four plays:

  • Directed by Tom Nondorf
  • Performed by the St. Jean’s Players in the auditorium of St. Jean Baptiste High School, 167 East 75th Street, New York, NY
  • Four performances were given of each play: one on Friday evening, one each on Saturday afternoon and evening, and one on Sunday afternoon


  • By Tom Nondorf and Matt Rouge
  • Performed February 22-24, 2008
  • Doug: Charles Mobbs
  • Sheldon: Greg Kalafatas
  • Gail: Robin Daikeler May

Whose Moll Am I?

  • By Matt Rouge
  • Performed February 20-22, 2004
  • Becca Rosen: Gina Dos Santos
  • Gina Lupino: Traven Rice
  • Danny Rossini: Don Piccin
  • Lucky Luciano: Tom Nondorf


  • By Tom Nondorf and Matt Rouge
  • Performed February 21-23, 2003
  • Phillip: Dennis Hurley
  • Denise: Erin Walk
  • Hal: Dustin C. Burrell
  • Barbara: Natalie Howe

The Love Extractions

  • By Matt Rouge
  • Performed February 23-25, 2001
  • Bruce: Jason Griffin
  • Victoria: Autumn Lucas
  • Harriet: Sarah Sokolic
  • Sam: Tom Warnick
  • Camilla: Anna Michaels
  • Dean: Lawrence Paska
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