A new day dawns

Today is better, though not without sadness. My friend helped heal me, and it brought about a very great transformation, which let me be able to do what I must do. I defied the gods recently, and they have prescribed a penance for me and given me a mission: to serve the person I love more than any other without expecting anything in return.

My intention is to show her the unconditional love that she, I believe, has rarely received in her life.

The one I love probably will never love me as I love her, but I at least can serve her. A one-way street can still sometimes get you where you need to go, and sometimes asymmetrical  love is the best that the world can offer. I know that I shall one day be with my true soul mate, but that day is far. In the meantime, the world has given me work to do, and I shall perform it with my whole heart for the good of the one I love, expecting nothing but basic gratitude in return. (Gratitude is an expectation, I suppose, a hope of mine, but not a condition of this service.)

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